Marketing Competition Japan 2021 Official Rules

[Entry Qualifications and Teaming]

-  Undergraduate students studying in Japan

-  3-4 members (everyone needs to speak at least once)

-  International students are also welcomed


-  Participants are required to register their team at Google Form []until October 29, 2021.

-  A confirmation email will be sent. Requirements for application are below.


-  Deadline: November 12, 2021.

-  Participants are required to email:

01. An overview of the plan (800 words in Japanese, Word format)

02. A video clip of small presentations (in English, within 5 minutes, including all participants speaking)

03. Presentation slides (in English, within 15 slides, PDF format)

-  All emails are to be addressed to

-  All the information stated below must be included.

a) Team name,

b) Title of the presentation,

c) University name,

d) Team leader’s name,

e) Team leader’s e-mail address

f) Team member’s name


-  A screening of the teams’ documents will be conducted to select the teams to present at final contest.

-  Slides are used to the screening. Unnecessary visual effects should be refrained.

-  A video can be taken with camera or recorded on the screen.

-  No background music is allowed in the presentation.

-  You may use any file format (flv, mp4, mpg, avi, asf, wmv) as long as it can be played on regular PCs.

-  Participants are allowed to edit the presentation slides (not the contents of plans) after the submission.

[Basic Presentation Rules and Dress Codes]

01. Participants: Each group should consist of 3 or 4 students. Everyone needs to speak at least once.

02. Language: English (Q&A sessions are also conducted in English.)

03. Time: The total time of the presentation should within 15 minutes. Points will be deducted for the shortage/excess of the presentation.

-  Timekeeper will ring a warning bell 3 times (at 13 minutes, 14 minutes, and 15minutes).

-  Each presentation will be followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.

-  Any judge can ask questions.

-  Any member can answer questions.

04. Slides: Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt/pptx) format. No limit for the number of slides.

05. You can audio or video during your presentation, but you cannot use BGM.

06. Computer / Internet: Participants are required to use laptops provided by MCJ (bring your own USB pen drives or flash memories). Participants are allowed to edit the presentation sides; however, the contents of plans should not be changed drastically.

07. Dress Codes: Business Professional

08. Time Table: To be announced directly to participants by e-mail.

[Evaluation Criteria]

-  Whether the presentation includes rational and practical suggestions or ideas along with the topics.

-  Whether the candidates give coherent answers to the questions from judges.

-  Whether the presentation contains unique, realistic ideas which prove appealing to the audience and judges.

-  Whether the English in the presentations is spoken clearly and correctly.

[Evaluation categories]

-  Content (50 points) [Originality, Creativity, Feasibility]

-  Delivery (30 points) [Confidence & Enthusiasm, English Quality, Teamwork]

-  Visuals (10 points) [PowerPoint Organization, PowerPoint Effect]

-  Q&A (10 points) [Response Quality]


-  Refrain from visiting or calling San-J International Inc. to make inquiries about the competition. All the questions must be directed to MCJ office by email.

-  Participants are allowed to be advised by their professors or advisers.

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