The following are answers to questions we have received from participants and those who are considering participating.

Some of the questions are important for participants, so we recommend that you check them before registering or making a plan.

Please note that there is a possibility that additional items will be added in the future, so please check back often.

Q. Is it possible to form a team with other universities?

A. You can only team up with students from the same university.

Q. Can I create my slides in Keynote on Mac Book?

A. On the day of the final, we expect that you will use your own PC to project your slides on the screen. Therefore, any form of slides can be used. You can use any software or service to create them. Please note that only the slides for the preliminary round must be submitted in PDF format.

Q. Points will be deducted for excessive or insufficient presentation time.

A. Points will be deducted for presentations of less than 13 minutes or more than 15 minutes in the final round. During the presentation, a whistle will be sounded at 13, 14, and 15 minutes, so please use this as a guide to keep your time.

Q. Is it prohibited to include connections outside the US in the plan?(For example, "◯◯ will be imported from another (specific) country.")

A. No, there are no rules or regulations regarding making connections outside the US.

However, in the context of your question, you mentioned that "○○ will be imported from another (specific) country", but in this year it can be said that;

a) The marketing of San-J's existing products is the subject of the project.

b) A plan that significantly changes the existing manufacturing process is not a theme for this year's competition, which is mainly about marketing.

This competition is not about proposing changes to the existing supply chain or business model as a manufacturer, but about marketing the market based on the "development of fermented food culture in the US market." Please make sure that you are not deviating from the main purpose of this section.

Q. Is it possible to include video or background music in the presentation?

A. No background music is allowed, but you may use your own video.

Please note that each team is responsible for the rights to use the sound and image materials used in the video. The presentations will be streamed online.

Q. Are there any restrictions on the format of the slides or the computers to be used?

A. The format of the slides is free. (Power Point, Key Note and so on)

In order to allow free presentation of slides, you are required to bring your own PC to be connected to the screen on the day of the final, and please prepare the appropriate equipment and cables for the HDMI connection.

Q. Can I ask the sponsors questions about their products?

A. It is prohibited to contact the main sponsor (San-J International Inc.) directly. All questions regarding the competition should be emailed to the secretariat.

Q. Can I receive guidance from a faculty member in planning and practicing my presentation?

A. Yes, you are allowed to receive guidance from faculty members and experts both on and off campus in advance.

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